Wood County is an Equal Opportunity Employer (M/F/D/V).

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Mental Health Technician/CNA- Full Time - Marshfield
Location:WC Annex NW MSFLD
FT/PT:Full-time 40 hrs/week - WRS Eligible
Deadline to apply:06/02/2023
Hiring Range:$19.17-$21.91 + PM/NOC differential
Job Responsibilities:
In an effort to keep all staff and residents safe, and per CMS requirements and Wood County Policy, all newly hired employees whose primary location is at Norwood Health Center are required to have completed the primary vaccine series of a FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccination before beginning employment within the facility.

Wood County Norwood Health Center has a great passion for helping the members of our community. As an employer, we strive to provide a work environment where diversity and differing opinions are valued, creativity is encouraged, continuous learning and improvement are fostered, teamwork and open/honest communication are encouraged, and meeting customer needs through quality services is a shared goal across all departments. If you have a background in mental health and a passion to help the members of our community, please consider joining our team! 

In addition to who we are, Wood County team members are offered competitive salaries, flexible schedules, and excellent benefits, including:
*Health Insurance - we offer low premiums and low deductibles, with excellent coverage!
*Dental Insurance
*Vision Insurance
*Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) - This is one of the best-funded public pension plans in the U.S.!
*457 deferred compensation plan
*Vacation and Sick Time - Start accruing for both on your first day!
*10 Paid Holidays
*Flexible Spending Account to set aside pre-tax dollars for childcare and medical expenses
*Life Insurance
*Short and Long-Term Disability
*Wellness Incentive Plan
*Public Student Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program

  1. Assess vital signs or other similar procedures per patient needs, at proper times and in accordance with physician orders.Document in the record and report unusual findings to Nurse promptly.
  2. Communicate and assist residents with activities of daily living (ADL’s)(such as feeding, bathing, toileting, mobility, dressing) and scheduled activities.In general, residents will appear neat, clean and well-kept at all times.Support and encourage residents to maintain their independence.Report to nurse if knowledge of mental or physical conditions creates problems in self-care or completion of ADL’s in accordance to the care plan.
  3. If a resident needs to be transferred, do so in manner as stated in care plan.
  4. Responsible to know and practice the safety polices of the County.Perform all job tasks in a safe and responsible manner.
  5. Consistently performs required treatments as assigned and documents correctly.Report unusual findings to nurse (i.e. splints, braces, cold compresses, etc.).
  6. Participate with professional personnel in planning and carrying out patient/resident treatment plans and care plans both physical and psychiatric.Conduct therapeutic and meaningful contact with residents.When required, perform patient charting and follow the treatment plan or care plans developed for individual residents.Facilitate individual 1:1 patient interaction.
  7. Work with the team to promptly and effectively respond to acting out, assaultive and self-abusive persons per facility policy and federal and state requirements.Recognize escalating patient/resident behaviors and intervene in a therapeutic manner using the least restrictive measures for patients who are a threat to themselves or others which include non-violent physical crisis prevention intervention techniques, de-escalation techniques and assisting the charge RN for patients that require restraint or seclusion.
  8. Immediately report any and all incidents to the supervisor on duty.
  9. Ensure a safe and sanitary environment. Complete an inventory of personal effects and items that an individual can harm themselves with, and secure upon admission.Complete body checks accurately and in a timely manner.Maintain universal precautions are.Conduct accurate supervision of those patients in need of frequent monitoring, such as: five (5) minute checks, suicide observation, elopement precautions or 1:1’s.Recognize unsafe situations and intervene and report them to their supervisor as appropriate.
  10. Role models appropriate hygiene, grooming, social interactions and coping skills.Treats patient with respect and dignity.
  11. Provide immediate first aid measures as required.
  12. Transport and supervise patients/residents for appointments and out-of-center activities as required.Patients must be under direct observation of staff when not in the facility.
  13. Additional essential duties require the MHT to support the patient’s mental health or rehabilitative recovery process while the patient is hospitalized and assist them in formulating a safety plan at discharge in collaboration with the nurse.In addition, the MHT will participate in active listening, worksheet exercises in problem solving and goal setting as assigned, and other emotional supportive care required during the patient’s hospitalization.
  14. Supervise dining room during meal times.
  15. Perform housekeeping procedures:Make beds, put away clothing, empty wastebaskets, clean floors, bathrooms and work areas.
  16. Participate in group activities and offer patient/resident activities within a therapeutic program.
  17. Follow policies and procedures set forth at the facility.


  1. Meet on-going requirements to maintain current CNA certification.Participate in in-service and continuing education trainings as assigned.Provide documentation of all training activities.
  2. Maintain cooperative working relationships and maintain appropriate professional boundaries with patients and residents.
  3. Other duties as assigned.

EXPERIENCE, TRAINING, QUALIFICIATIONS                                                                                                                         At a minimum a high school diploma.  Minimum age 18 required.  Must possess a valid Wisconsin Certified Nursing Assistant certification and maintain it per State requirements while employed by Wood County.  Must be CPR certified.  Previous experience in dealing with mental health patients is preferred.  Must be able to intervene and deal directly with highly agitated, depressed or assaultive patients in a non-retaliatory therapeutic manner.  Must be able to write legibly and communicate effectively, verbally.  Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality.

 Basic equipment used:  EZ stand, EZ lift, gait belt, walker, wheelchair, sensor pad alarms, clip alarms, anti-rollback devices, seatbelts (alarmed or unalarmed), low beds, personal care items, mats for floor, scales, blood pressure cuff, thermometer, telephone, and stethoscope.


Talking and hearing (hearing the spoken word clearly face-to-face and on the telephone and hearing sounds through a stethoscope and alarms signals is required at all times), using far and near vision (with glasses if needed) is spent one hundred percent (100%) of the time.  Seventy-five percent (75%) of the time is spent standing and walking.  Over fifty percent (50%) of the time is spent bending, twisting, feeling, reaching, low lifting (objects weighing 10 lbs. or less), and medium lifting (objects weighing 20-40 lbs.) climbing (using legs and feet).  About twenty-five percent (25%) of the time is spent sitting, high lifting (objects weighing 50-80 lbs.) very high lifting (objects weighing 100 lbs. or more), low carrying (objects weighing 10 lbs. or less), medium carrying (objects weighing 20-40 lbs.), high carrying (objects weighing 50-80 lbs.), very high carrying (objects weighing 100 lbs. or more), low pushing/pulling (objects weighing 10 lbs. or less), medium pushing/pulling (a lever requiring 25 lbs. of force to move), high pushing/pulling (a cart with a load of 100 lbs.), and very high pushing/pulling (dragging objects weighing more than 100 lbs.).  Ten percent (10%) of the time is, running, low and medium handling, and low, medium, and high fingering (keyboarding).  Required in unusual or non-routine situations, stooping, kneeling, crouching, balancing crawling, running, grappling, and climbing (using legs and arms for support).

Exposure to hazards and fumes are present only in unusual situations.  The potential for exposure to blood borne pathogens or biohazards or to physical attack or injury from patients is a potential at all times. 

Wood County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the County will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities and encourages both prospective and current employees to discuss potential accommodations with the employer.

Job Qualifications: